[video] 6 guys quit the server because Cray and I killed ONE of them and blew up their hunter.......

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[video] 6 guys quit the server because Cray and I killed ONE of them and blew up their hunter.......

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Its never our intention to drive anyone away. We simply want to engage in some PVP from time to time.

A little back story. For over 2 hours these 6 guys were arguing with Nick and Wasted, non stop. Nick wouldnt leave his base and they wouldnt leave him alone and they were all making a big deal about it in side chat. They sniped wasted while he was still loading in at his base somehow. Cray and I decided to head over that way, since we know where the wasted's base is, and see what kind of action we can get into, whether it be with the 6 of them or the wasted potentials.

We are then accused of using admin powers to locate them and then were told that what we did will drive anyone off of the server.

You decide......

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nicholas comments on minute 13:30... :o :o
Hey Nick I love you too man!!! ;)

Omen.... that's a fair play... nothing to feel regret or anything... some people just can't or don't know how to handle frustration when their EGO has been crushed away....

That's why I record all of my games, so when someone acuses me of cheating or not following the rules, then, I have proves with me.... I still have some of them just in case....

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nice video guys
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Awesome video. You're totally in the right, those guys are just sore losers.
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