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Explored Other Servers

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Hello Everyone,

I've recently had some limited time to get back on Arma so I decided to explore some popular servers to see what they offered that could be incorporated here. I've noticed a few things:

Vehicle Variety is Important

Tanks is where it's at. A lot of the servers I checked out had a variety of tanks that just added another dynamic to the game that was fun. You had to be a lot more strategic on a map with tanks. Here are some vehicles that would expand the game play:

AMV-7 Marshall
Assault Boat
CRV-6e Bobcat
Fuel Truck
HEMTT Medical
HEMTT Repair
IFV-6a Cheetah
IFV-6c Panther
M2A1 Slammer
M2A4 Slammer UP
M4 Scorcher
M5 Sandstorm MLRS
MQ-12 Falcon
Speedboat Minigun

Limited Servers

Out of all the PVP servers I played on, ZeroSurvival - Altis was the best. This server had great dynamics, awesome exile building objects. When my buddy and I were looking for servers to play on, we filtered out anything below 10. The maps are too big for anything less than 10. The sweet spot was around 30. So with that said, because ZS has four servers, it has spread the community out so that there is usually on 2 to 3 people on any server at a given time. If you consolidate that down to one (I know, if you've built up one of the three, it would suck to have to switch to the other map), then the ZS community would be on one server, hopefully above 10. Once the population gets back to around 40, then open back up one additional server.

New Missions

Some of the servers had pretty cool missions. Zone Capture Points were alright. If you step into one of the determined areas, AI would spawn and hunt you down. That was pretty fun, especially if you were there looting by accident and then got ambushed. Just added some more fun dynamics.

Let me know what y'all think!

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Turn dead servers into undead servers! Zombies and Demons.....at least for Halloween.
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I have mixed feelings on heavy artillery vehicles. It can make it too easy for someone to dominate other players, especially noobs. The flip side is that I do think it would be a lot of fun. Making them super expensive would make them less rampant, but only attainable by those who can afford to put in hours and hours and hours of play time.

I can see that we've spread our player out over several servers. We should periodically evaluate and trim as necessary. We only have one physical server to work with, so we do have limits of how much we can can do at one time anyway.

I'm totally on-board with new missions. The more variety that missions and things like capture points can offer, the more interesting and less grindy the game feels.

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on that note , I used to use this

it does has some nice features , I really like base attack ( can be set for # of AI, and min base level )
town invasions are great for the close combat .

I spoke with IT07 last year and he was/is in the process or rewriting everything in to a new missions system , but he hasn't released anything on that in ages.
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