Hacking Cheating something absolutely not kosher!!!

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Hacking Cheating something absolutely not kosher!!!

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Huey with a gunner in a ghille (Thiago obviously)
Probally piloted bye Pacheco...
There Lackey Marcello on the ground attempted to steal a BDRM-2 I shot him in the head when he was in the gunners seat.

So confirmed, Player who runs with Pacheco's crew at the scene of the crime...

Where Huey- Considered NPC...

Every death of Konarstar showed up as NPC...
Every time I shot the door gunner... Perfect shots no way I missed (Door gunner lived each time like he was invincible)

So how does a player pretend to be an invincible NPC???

I don't mind a good fight but I do get a tad bit annoyed when cheats are involved!!!
Also Huey never once shot at Marcello on the ground and continued to pepper my vehicle with rounds even when I was no longer in it....

All player behavior but yet every kill the helo got showed as an NPC...
And again the Helo seemed to be invincible... Peppered its tail rotor didnt hurt it... shot the gunner multiple times never hurt him....

I am more then annoyed with this entire experience!
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Hello @Sulfur ! Do you have a video of what happened that day? It would help a lot.
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Sadly I have no video....
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FYI - Kills from vehicle-mounted guns will often be improperly reported as "NPC" kills. This is supposed to be fixed in the next Exile update.
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kkkkkk, I pilot, tiago and marcelo are snipers in the helicopter. Fortunately we are not hackers, it appears that same death by NPC, I do not know why, what I am annoyed is you have run from the server ... but we are available for battles.
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