Battleye Kick Fix - Guide with pictures

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Battleye Kick Fix - Guide with pictures

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A lot of people are getting BE kicked from the Chernarus, Malden and Tanoa servers since this last update.

Follow these steps and you will not be kicked by Battleye on these servers again.

Step 1
Open Arma 3 Launcher and go to Servers and then click the Internet tab at the top.
In the filter search box, type: zerosurvival and click the star next to each one - they will now be saved as your favorites

Step 2
CLick "Join" for the server you want to play on

Step 3
Verify that you have all of the required mods installed and click "setup mods and join"

You will then connect right to the server. The next time you launch Arma 3, your servers will be saved to your favorites.
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