Preparing for Exile 1.0.4 release

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Preparing for Exile 1.0.4 release

Site, server and other announcements will be posted here
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User avatar ynpmoose Exile Admin / Scripter
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The 1.0.4 Exile update is in release candidate stage. We do not get access to the server files until it actually releases, so it limits our ability to update quickly. If possible, please do not update your client until you know our servers are updated. This one may take us a bit of time, since they have now implemented Exile hacking, grinding, and virtual garage. The admin team will need to discuss if we move to their tools and possibly drop the add-ons that we have already installed for these functions. Thanks in advance for you patience.
User avatar Turazo
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Thanks for the info!!!
User avatar Omen Site Admin
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Looks like RC3 is the current version
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