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[Mission] Flight of the Navigator

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Just finished a new mission that will let you fight for a chopper to keep. You will receive the code at the end of the mission and you can either sell it or keep it. If you are low on cash, and need an air vehicle, this mission is for you. It won't be a walk in the park so grab some friends because you will need the help.
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Nice addition!
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Cant wait!
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Great mission, tried it out solo on the test server and it was a pain .. not entirely impossible but you will feel the pain if you're not important. If you want a free chopper and want a little challenge then that's where you go. It's not as heavily fortified as the other major mission. Eh i wont spoil it for anyone so instead of being a bunch of pussies asking if its worth it !!! go right at it and do it lol..
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