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Report cheaters here. Please provide proof, preferably video.
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unfortunately we are already accustomed to these types of accusations, patience, we were also received in the same way when we were new, by the Familia Lunno and Banzore, and finally there are flaws that are corrected in the future like floating safes, absence of batteries among other claims that were never Attention by the WMD when part of our correct team Mr. @Omen , who knows we change our way of acting once we are attended. otherwise it will be pure PVP.

just rethink your concept, not too much to ask only to ban floating safes, rooms without floor and recharge batteries since there are folding doors, I guarantee that we change our focus from PVP to another .....

Brasil acima de todos Deus acima de TUDO.....
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nothing but lies..... first you wanted to ban flags, now its safe's ..... all the veteran players know that you guys wont change anything. all you are trying to do is make it EASIER to break in. you got pissed off because someone thought of it first.

there is NO RULE that says you cant do that with safes and even omen has told you this. suck it up, safes will be left alone.

thats why hardly anyone plays when you 5 are on........ i only come on when none of you are on, ya'll still haven't found my flag, and its not even glitched. laughable at the least i must say. it took ya'll 7 months and even bribing other players to tell you where my first base was.

i dont build a massive base because it draws attention, you fail to understand that. i put a flag down, i make it a Level 10 and i do what i do with ease.

where in the rules does it say i have to build a massive base? exactly, it doesnt.
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Do you care to lock this thread or delete it? I made my observations, and was given new information that others may also find useful. I don't really want to see this degrade to some back-and-forth drama. there's more than enough of that already.

Thank you
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no problem
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