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Griefing at Trader?

Report cheaters here. Please provide proof, preferably video.
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Curious if this is against rules:

Me: Krueger
Player: jmanofwar[RFA]
Time: approx. 3-4pm EST

I was looting an airdrop at Feres airfield and jmanofwar[RFA] flew down in his heli. We shot each other and both died. I respawned and reached the area before he did. His heli was still there and unlocked. So, I flew it back to the south east trader Agia Peloga. He's at trader and hops in the heli while I'm still in and refuses to get out. I'll tell him I won it and he replies, I'll sit in here until server restart. He still refuses to leave and eventually I got annoyed and just flew out of trader, crashed the heli and killed us both.

Is that against rules to do that at trader or is that allowed?
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I spoke with him and advised him to reimburse you the cost if you were to sell it.
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For the record, he was not in it when I got to trader and it was unlocked. When he saw me run past he ran and jumped in at same time. I was trying to steal it from him just as he stole it from me. Any case, Krueger, shout next time we are both online and I'll give you the 11.5k poptabs.
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Thank you
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