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Suggestion: Add Mk6 Mortar

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User avatar Doug
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I think we should add the Mk6 mortar to Exile, which could add a lot of depth to the current gameplay experience.

The mortar is a 2-part setup like a static MG so its portability is limited and setup/takedown requires time and planning. Unlike a static MG, the mortar is indirect and does not require line-of-sight, which would entice players to actually use it in PVP/PVE.

Although their range is about 4000m, they are unguided and relatively inaccurate compared to other options like the Titan AP. They also take upwards of 45 seconds to land, and aren't that dangerous. I had to make 8 direct hits on a Strider to destroy it, which is hard to do with shot deviation even at 500m and nearly impossible if it's moving. Plus, the sound they make is super cool.

Like a static MG, they come with limited ammo, starting with 40 rounds (8 smoke, 8 illum., and 24 HE). They must be re-armed using the expensive ammo truck from the explosives trader, which would prevent mortar spam, and would be no different from the other heavy vehicles available for purchase. I think the mk6 would fit perfectly with the Exile play style if it were available at the explosives trader for maybe $50k - maybe $10k for the bipod and $40k for the tube.

Imagine using Illumination to light up the terrain if your base is getting raided at night, doing a mission at night, or as a distraction. Imagine launching smoke as a countermeasure to cover looting a mission, escaping hot areas, or smoking a base so an enemy can't see an approach. You could use HE rounds to soften up some of the more difficult missions (especially ones with armed vehicles, or hard-to-approach ones like Terror Island). They would be great for harassing enemy bases or hitting locations where players are set up to snipe you. The sound of the mortar launch will send them scrambling for cover in the 30 seconds it takes for the round to hit!
User avatar ynpmoose Exile Admin / Scripter
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This is an intriguing idea. We'll see what others have to say.
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I actually like this idea, thumbs up for me!
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