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brazil guys out of control!!!

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User avatar wastedpotential
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Joined: Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:46 am

The brazil clan is trolling, glitch killing all the time. They are cheating some how for example.. Tonight i was playing with someone who was at NW trader they saw a brazil leave in his strider towing a truck i was at main trader and somehow brazil got to main trader in about a minute there's no way anyone can drive that fast. And a few days ago they got a luck kill on me through a cement wall with a sniper rifle. They are killing this server OFF and i've been playing here 2 years never seen trolls/glitchers still playing after all the glitching. peace wastedpotential
User avatar Scyth3
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just over the few weeks i have been playing on this server and it has great potential even without banning them, just reinforce the rules and ask them to move there bases....they have plenty of them. I really dont mind PvP against them but sometimes its sketchy so you do need at least 1 active admin to over see and spectate questionable players...
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