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Since the war does not come, the war goes to you.

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Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:09 amKing Redscorpion wrote:

"useless nonsense removed"

Capstar is such a mediocre player and he lacks so much capacity as a player and a person, that every time he dies, he calls the Brazilians hackers. There was a Slap Chop player on the server who often killed us and we could not get him, we never called him a hacker. He was a hard player to pick up and mostly played alone. Until some time ago there was the clan of the Spaniards on the server, we never managed to steal their base, why? because they knew how to play and do things, unlike those whiners who do not know how to play.
woah woah woah....... aside from when i first thought you guys were using hacks, yeah, i made a stink about it....... but lets get something straight here, i dont cry to dying, get that crap out of your post........ thats a lie and you know it full out. i simply avoid you guys now, if im on, and i see a BRASILLL name , i RTB and Disconnect. if i see BRASILLL on and im not on, i find something else to do.... plain and simple. its my choice not to entertain you and/or your squads discombobulated english banter and taunting. or challenges to 1v1, because i know you wont fight unless your sitting in your bases. especially marcelo and pacheco..... i think their only known words in english is "cry", baby", "coward", "limao" ( which translates to lemon <-- havent figured that one out yet ) ....

Capstar will soon propose that the Brazilians play just about to revolver and even though it will take some time he will complain that he is dying again for the Brazilians.
CapStar is looking for the ALL OUT fairness to ALL players, not just to me, and again, i dont cry about dying in a game.... thats strike 2
To the administrators of the server, especially to Omen, this server is a PVP server, we always play among the rules that have been put by you, as you have mentioned several times, we never inflicted anything. We are not to blame if the rest of the players do not have the ability to learn and adapt to the reality of the server and the players. If they think that the Brazilians are toxic to your server, they forbid us to play in it, I'm getting sick of so much crying.
you are a guest here, no different than the rest of us players, this is THEIR HOUSE.

yes, you ARE to blame, you guys gave no chance to any new players, continuously beat on other players till it got sooo annoying they left. its a utterly sad fact you cannot even see, let alone acknowledge this. this is ALSO A PVE server..... you focused on nothing but PVP unless it was only you and your squad in the game. you built massive bases around all the most important spots and made it damn near impossible for anyone to do anything if they didn't have a KSVK or Titan Launcher on them.

the other players are/were getting sick of your toxic methods of game play, sitting up high in these bases where NO ONE could shoot at you in return, and what happened? its maybe 3 of us left still even joining the server and the entire BRASILLL squad, is ALL anyone see's even joining anymore.

Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:34 amOmen wrote:
Capstar has zero affect in my decisions, obviously, since you guys are still here.
thank you Omen, im not the only one who is complaining King, so either put ALL names there and/or stop mentioning my name only. im trying to help Omen and Moose POPULATE the server, you guys are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help, in fact its so bad you guys are making it impossible to even get players to JOIN the server anymore.

face it King, popularity is not on your side right now. if you guys are so advanced, so skilled at this game as you claim, then go find more servers to beat up on everyone. because IMHO, this community of Zero Survival is getting quite annoying and irritated with your "godliness" attitude.
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