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Exile: Altis - Farm Hotspots

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One of the quickest ways to earn respect and pop tabs is to boost vehicles from roaming AI. You can easily pull in 100,000 pop tabs in 30-60 minutes...IF you know where to go.


Here are a couple spots that usually funnel AI traffic to their location so you can steal and flip those vehicles for some sweet loot.

The Solar Farm
Coordinates: 154 / 162
Notes: This location used to be the hottest spot on Altis for farming vehicles. Once The Trap House was built, it has pushed this spot into second place. The good thing about this location is its proximity to the terminal safe zone where you can sell your vehicles quickly and go back for more. Con of this location is its proximity to the base located at The Trap House which is sometimes occupied by an old farmer who hates kids that walk on his lawn.


The Trap House
Coordinates: 145 / 158
Notes: This is easily the hottest spot on the whole island for collecting vehicles. If no one is The Solar Farm then you can make 200k within an hour easily and have fun doing it. This location shares the same pros and cons of The Solar Farm.


Terminal Bridge
Coordinates: 137 / 161
Notes: A decent flow of traffic can be seen here. You can still see the terminal trader from this location so flipping your goods is a snap. You just have to watch out for player traffic when farming here as this is located on a major highway to the terminal.


Paros Chicane corner
Coordinates: 209 / 169
Notes: The Paros Chicane is an exciting location. There is an abundance of roaming AI on foot and in vehicles in this area. The many buildings around this corner will provide you with lots of vantage points. It is not relatively close to any traders so you will have to hide your vehicles if you plan on running them in large convoys.


If you know of more locations, please reply with their location and pros and cons.
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