Lockpicking With Laptops

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Here is how the system works.

You must have a laptop to hack a safe. Walk up to any locked safe and scroll on the safe and select Hack Safe.


You will sit down with your laptop and the hacking will begin.


Once you start hacking, an announcement will be made to the server that there is hacker activity and a marker will be placed at your location for everyone to see.


So be ready to defend yourself from people who want to protect that safe, people who want to get the contents of the safe after you hack it or from people who just want to see bloodshed!

The hacking will take 20 minutes to complete with a 20% chance of failure.

A territory can be successfully hacked a maximum of 2 times per server restart.

There must be a minimum of (10 altis || 6 tanoa) players online for hacking to be enabled.

Once a safe is hacked, it will be unlocked. You will not be given the code.

Grinding has been removed for now.

To grind locked doors, you need a grinder and batteries. Batteries seem to die so you will need a few on you to do it. It takes about 30 minutes to grind a lock.


You will see a progress bar for the lock grinding appear on the locked gate.


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