Your First 30k Respect: More Mathematical Musings

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Are you having problems buying weapons because you need respect? Do you want more respect to be feared by your colleagues? Did you know that you can convert poptabs into respect?

When you sell something, you get 10% of its value in respect. For instance, selling an offroad repair truck gives you $12,500 poptabs and 1250 respect. Selling a .408 rifle gives you $850 and 85 respect, and so on.

You need 30,000 respect to unlock all of the buyable items at the trader zones around the map. Does this mean that you need to sell $300,000 worth of items to get that much respect? Absolutely not, because it is possible to convert your cash into respect.

Imagine selling the truck discussed earlier for $12,500 and earning the 1250 respect, but this time you convert the remaining cash into respect by buying and selling other items at the trader. So, you buy 5 quad bikes for $2500 each, spending the entire $12,500. These quads can be sold back to the waste dump for half their value, plus 10% of their value in respect. So, you now have earned back $6250 while earning 625 additional respect points. You can then take that $6250 and repeat the process.

Very basically, it can be worked out approximately like this:
  • $12500 = 1250 respect
  • $6250 = 625 respect
  • $3125 = 312 resect
  • $1562 = 156 respect
  • $781 = 78 respect
  • $390 = 39 respect
  • $195 = 19 respect
  • $97 = 9 respect
  • $48 = 4 respect
… and so on, but to get a close answer, add up the respect column and you’ll find that a single pickup truck has gained you about 2500 respect. Also note that 2500 respect for a $12,500 vehicle is a conversion rate of 20%, or double the normal value!

In fact, for those savvy with mathematics, you will notice that you will always get exactly 20% of the sell value in respect, minus rounding simplifications in the game. This is a simple limit problem involving a convergent series of reciprocal powers of two; meaning that with respect to the initial value, you add ½ of that for the second buy/sell iteration, then ¼, then 1/8 and so on. Continuing this to infinity, this series converges to the number 2. Since the conversion rate per purchase is 10%, the final aggregate conversion rate is 20% assuming you have the patience to make enough buy/sell runs to put at least a 5 in each significant figure the game calculates this to.

So, to earn the 30,000 respect that you would need to unlock all of the weapons in the trader zone, you only need to sell $150,000 worth of stuff. You could potentially unlock all of the weapons with less than two AI vehicles, assuming both were Hunter GMGs.

However, we can adjust our calculations to be more realistic.

On average, each AI vehicle has about 5 bots inside. If taken from 100 meters in a 5x kill streak, killing 5 bots in a row yields:

50 + (10% of the distance in meters) + 50*(kills in streak)


50+(0.1*100) + 50+(0.1*100)+50 + 50+(0.1*100)+100 + 50+(0.1*100)+150 + 50+(0.1*100)+200 = 800

Note that this saves you the equivalent of $4000 per vehicle when it comes to converting money to respect. In addition to this, in your first hours of playing ArmA Exile, you should try to pick up all the gear on the AI and stuff it into the car you have just apprehended. This will yield about an extra $2500 on the price of the car, or about $500 extra per AI killed. Do not be discouraged when you sell a car and only get $800-$1200 extra. This average is skewed by things like code locks, security cameras ($2500 each), base laptops ($6500 each) and safe kits ($10,000 each) which are found with reasonable frequency on roaming AI.

So, finally, the real calculations: How many vehicles on average would you need to stop at a distance of 100m in order to earn your first 30,000 respect? The average vehicle is something like 10k poptabs. It is difficult to gage this number without actually seeing the spawn algorithms the server uses, but this value is based on experience.

Each vehicle yields $10k poptabs plus $2.5k from the AI stuff, for an average of $12,500. Killing 5 AI in each vehicle gets you 800 respect. This totals to 2500 + 800 = 3300 respect per vehicle when all the tabs are properly converted. This means that you will need to stop, on average, only 9 vehicles before you have unlocked everything for purchase at the traders, assuming you do not die and take the associated 2% respect hit.

As an addendum, I have calculated the respect available (when converted from poptabs) from a number of vehicles apprehended at 100m, as well as the number needed to get to 30k:
  • Hunter GMG - $75000, 4 AI, total respect = 16,140 (2)
  • Hunter HMG - $50000, 4 AI, total respect = 11,140 (3)
  • HEMTT - $24500, 6 AI, total respect = 6,610 (5)
  • Tempest - $24500, 6 AI, total respect = 6,610 (5)
  • Zamak - $23000, 6 AI, total respect = 6,310 (5)
  • Strider - $23000, 4 AI, total respect = 5,740 (6)
  • Ural - $13500, 6 AI, total respect = 4,410 (7)
  • Hunter - $13000, 4 AI, total respect = 3,740 (9)
  • Black SUV - $10000, 6 AI, total respect = 3,710 (9)
  • Offroad Repair - $12500, 4 AI, total respect = 3,640 (9)
  • Offroad - $8000, 4 AI, total respect = 2,740 (11)
  • SUV - $6500, 4 AI, total respect = 2,440 (13)
  • Box Van - $8000, 4 AI, total respect = 2,455 (15)
  • Lada - $3000, 5 AI, total respect = 2,025 (15)
In short, if you commandeer a box truck, a black SUV, an offroad, and a Tempest, you are already halfway to 30k respect with one average load, although that will mean giving up $50,500 to be converted to respect.

Please keep in mind that I am doing this from memory as I am traveling at the moment. If you spot any errors, please comment below and I will happily correct them. I will be back on the server soon!


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