Extended Safe Zones by ynpmoose

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Extended Safe Zones

We have yet another custom script developed by @ynpmoose!

This script was developed to provide sufficient protection when entering and leaving safe zones while also deterring border camping.

Here is how it works.

All safe zones now have 2 layers of protection.
Safe Zone (SZ)
Extended Safe Zone (ESZ)

SZs are now 150m diameter. ESZs are now 600m diameter.
When you are in the SZ you are completely safe.
When you leave the SZ you are then in the ESZ.

You are invincible in the ESZ for 2 minutes, however your bullets deal no damage. As soon as the 2 minutes are up, you become vulnerable in the ESZ and you can go reset your 2 minute timer by hitting the SZ again or just carry on and leave the area.

If you return to the SZ then your timer will be reset and you will be protected in the ESZ for 2 minutes again.

When you leave the ESZ you become vulnerable. The ESZ will be "off" for 10 minutes when you either exit it or your 2 minute timer runs out. The ESZ returns after 10 minutes. That way, if you are out playing normally for more than 10 minutes, and decide to return to the SZ, you will be protected when you enter the ESZ again. Once you enter the ESZ normally, you are protected for 2 minutes and by then you should be in the main SZ.

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